my fellow sister or brother of sound. My name is Ferdinand and i live for the experience and creation of music in all of her shapes and forms. In my guiding role i use my experience and knowledge of Occupational Therapy & Epigenetic Coaching in order to support professional Musicians, Producers & DJ’s in the process of dissolving their limitations and shaping a healthy, sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle.




Have you ever had the experience of „flow“ within a performance live, in the studio or on the decks? All of your practice, skill and feeling flowing into the very moment creating something almost magical. This state of flow is what i want you to access whenever you need and want to.

The key is to find a way to nurture your body and mind so it moves into fruitful balance. The biggest obstacle to this balance is stress and how your nervous-system interacts with it. There are many aspects that play a role in this process of stress compensation. Some of them are rooted within yourself others are rooted within your physical and social environment. Eventually its important to acknowledge the stressors in your life and to adopt a skillset, mindset and lifestyle that supports you to overcome these obstacles and shape a sustainable way of living and working without having to compromise what you love but to embrace it in the process.

Being a musician, producer and DJ myself, I have experienced the struggle you are seeking to overcome and understand you right where you find yourself right now. What may seem like an unbreachable mountain at times is actually nothing but a challenging hike when you take the right approach. Beginning is the hard part, since you see all that rock from a perspective that leaves space for unfavourable interpretations and expectations.

Once you take your first steps, thought, you soon start to realize how limiting mindsets and believes are majorly biasing your perception in life. Along the way you understand where they surge from and most importantly what supports you to move beyond and how to shape your future.

In order ease the process of finding your personal path i have scouted some promising routes and am happy to guide you step by step. 


If i could change one thing in this world it would be the integration of holism into every part of life. Realizing that every single one of us is in constant interaction with all aspects of their life opens the doors to great understanding and change.

That is why it not only plays central role in my work but also my thinking in general. If we fail to observe ourselves and the context we live in form different angles, we will most certainly have an image that is incomplete, difficult to comprehend and of limiting nature. 

Besides the potential for a lot of misunderstanding in general a lack of holism also makes it very hard to identify the aspects we need to work on in order to be healthy, happy, productive and successful.

Practially that means that i take my clients on a journey through Body, Mind & Soul towards holistic understanding & reflection.

Mindful, sustainable & wise action is the goal when you want to move past your limitations and towards full potential within any aspect of life. 

These days we hear about it all over the place – for good reasons i think, our planet really needs to be treated better than it is by the majority of the worlds population. Yet still there is a few aspects that are not associated enough with this term. It is ourselves. How do we support, feed and think in our modern western societies? 

I’d say that we need to start there and everything else will follow. If we are in Tune with our self and on the path that we want to walk, we also start to be able to look beyond our bubble. 

your full potential
achieve your highest quality of life

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